Acquired Flatfoot With Dr. Klemen Bedenčič

This Webinar is Conducted in Slovenian With English PowerPoint Slides.

Ass. Proff. Dr. Klemen Bedenčič MD is a well-known doctor in Slovenia where he practices out of Itero and the Novo Mesto General Hospital. He graduated in 2010 from the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana and received the Prešeren Award for his research work. He completed a specialization in orthopedic surgery in 2017. During his specialization, he also completed his doctoral studies at the University of Ljubljana.

Dr. Bedenčič, a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, specializes in treating the unique needs of his patients who suffer acquired flatfoot, sports ankle injuries, front foot deformities, and more. One of the most common alignments being acquired flatfoot.

Acquired Flatfoot represents one of the most challenging conditions from a biomechanics standpoint which is a common occurrence in any practice. Join this webinar with Dr. Bedenčič as he discusses why HyProCure is a great solution for Acquired Flatfoot. This webinar will be in Slovenian with English PowerPoint Slides.

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