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The Fibula Axis Calcaneal Overlap (FACO) – Decision Making In Flatfeet Correction

Efficacy And Safety Of Extra-Osseous Talotarsal Stabilization (EOTTS)

Acquired Flatfoot With Dr. Klemen Bedenčič

Pearls Of Treating Pediatric Patients Ft. Dr. Mikkel Jarman

Mastering EOTTS-HyProCure Master Course

Morton’s Neuroma & Plantar Neuropathy Webinar with Dr. Michael E. Graham

Let’s Discuss Hallux Limitus/Rigidus With Dr. Michael E. Graham

Effects Of EOTTS-HyProCure®

Rethinking Morton’s Neuroma

Cirugia Mininvasiva Pie Plano

Posterior Tibial Tendon Insufficiency

Plantar Neuropathy With Dr. Michael E. Graham

Webinar sobre inestabilidad de la subastragalina y tratamiento con HyProCure.

Standard Of Care In The Treatment Of Recurrent TaloTarsal Joint Dislocation

Recalcitrant Plantar Fasciitis – EOTTS Vs Plantar Fasciotomy

Pediatric Flatfeet – a Disaster in the Making

Patient Selection 101 With Dr. Michael E. Graham

Tarsal Coalition Now What

Expectativas de los Pacientes con EOTTS -HyProCure®

How to safeguard against a malpractice suit

Hindfoot Misalignment

Patient Selection for EOTTS: A Surgeon’s Guide

Surgeon’s Guide to Sinus Tarsi Decompression

Cirugía HyProCure en español

How to bill for the insertion of a sinus tarsi implant

Insurance Coverage

The Medical Necessity of Extra-osseous Talotarsal Stabilization (EOTTS)

Necessary Documents

Plantar Neuropathy

EOTTS: Devil or Game Changer

Medical Necessity of HyProCure

HyProCure con el Dr. Juanto 2

HyProCure con el Dr. Juanto

At What Point Should the Label “Experimental and Investigational” be Removed From Extra-osseous Talotarsal Stabilization EOTTS?

EOTTS Inoffice Procedure

Patient Selection HyProCure

Surgical Technique

EOTTS Compared to Other Forms of Treatment

Tarsal Tunnel Porta Pedis Pressures

Navicular height

Subtalar Joint Forces

Plantar Fascia Strain

Nerve Strain

Tendon Strain

5 year retrospective

EOTTS Classification

Radiographic Outcomes

Prospective Study

Key Findings of all Current Research March 2013

Congenital Talotarsal Joint Displacement and Pes Planovalgus

HyProCure EOTTS Guide

The Physician’s Guide to Recurrent TaloTarsal Joint Displacement

Published Literature Supportive the Evidence Basis for the Safety and Efficacy on the Use of Sinus Tarsi Implants

Published Data Regarding the Efficacy of Arch Supports/Foot Orthosis

Is Your Patient a Candidate for HyProCure?

EOTTS: A Proven Biomechanical Solution

HyProCure Vs. Calcaeno-stop

Published Studies on the Safety and Efficacy of the HyProCure Sinus Tarsi Implant

EOTTS with HyProCure: In-office Procedure Guide

EOTTS with HyProCure Surgical Guide

HyProCure II Guide

Comparison of the EOTTS-HyProCure Sinus Tarsi Stent to Other “Forms of Treatment”

Post-EOTTS Challenges

Patient Selection Criteria


Guía Quirúrgica

EOTTS-HyProCure Risk-Benefit Analysis

Doctors Testimonials

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