HyProCure relieves, and can even prevent, a variety of seemingly unrelated foot and body conditions.

It corrects a commonly unknown problem - misaligned feet

When the feet are misaligned, it leads to a chain reaction of misalignment in the body, affecting the knees, hips and back, often resulting in pain when standing, walking and running. The most common sign of misaligned feet is the inward rolling of the ankles, or hyperpronation. Misaligned feet can lead to a variety of other symptoms including, flat feet, foot pain, back pain, knee pain, hip pain, bunions and hammertoe. Click on a symptom below to read more.

Symptoms of Misaligned Feet


Bunions are sometimes genetic and consist of certain tendons, ligaments, and supportive structures of the first metatarsal that ar...


Plantar Faciitis (Plantar Fasciosis)

An estimated one in 10 people will have at least one episode of heel pain at some point in their life. People who run or jog regul...


Plantar Neuropathy

Diabetic peripheral neuropathy has been defined as the presence of symptoms and or signs of peripheral nerve dysfunction in people...


Adult Aquired Flat Foot

Ankle bone instability is something that is seen in childhood. Unfortunately, most parents and children are told that it is nothin...


Pediatric Flat Feet

There is another group of physicians who say it’s better to treat flat foot sooner rather than later. The entire body rests on t...


Back Pain

There are many reasons for chronic back pain. Back pain is a symptom, a warning signal that something is wrong. So what's wrong? A...


Growing Pains

It has to do with the alignment of the child’s hindfoot. A child whose feet are misaligned has a significantly higher chance of ...


Hip Pain

The ankle bone should normally sit on top of the heel bone, but the foundation to the body is altered when the ankle bone partiall...


Knee Pain

If we don't look at the cause, we are just masking the symptoms. The #1 reason for knee pain is wear and tear due to unequal dist...


General Health Issues

Having misaligned feet affects more than just, well - your feet. It can have a domino affect on many different areas of a person l...


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