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EOTTS - HyProCure is extra-osseous, restores normal amount of motion, prevents excessive motion between two or more bones and is different from inter-osseous or intra-osseous stabilization.

What is HyProCure?

An internal, extra-osseous talotarsal stabilization device

The weight of the body passes through the joints behind and in front of HyProCure – there is very little pressure placed on the HyProCure stent itself. The stent is not "screwed" into the bone, but pushed into it's final position and held in placed by the soft tissues within the space.

Why Choose HyProCure?

HyProCure was specifically designed to overcome the limitations of the joint-blocking/stopping arthroereisis devices. It's also inserted much deeper than arthroereisis devices. This allows for the restoration of the triplane axis of talotarsal motion at the crucial pivot point. The design features have dramatically increased patient satisfaction with a published removal rate of 6% versus 40% to 100% of arthroereisis devices.

The HyProCure Advantage

HyProCure's unique design allows for multiple points of peripheral soft tissue on-growth by not in-growth. HyProCure is made of titanium, the material of choice for EOTTS devices. It's stronger than bone and the least reactive material implanted into the body. HyProCure is scientifically proven to reduce strain to the plantar fasica by 33% as well as reduce strain on posterior tibial tendon by 51%. HyProCure has the lowest removal rate of any sinus tarsi implant, prevent collapse of the arch, redistributes forces to the bottom of the foot and more!

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