Pediatric Flatfeet – a Disaster in the Making

One of the greatest and most expensive diseases of humankind begins with the partial dislocation of the talus on the posterior facet of the calcaneus. This orthopedic pathology is present at birth and continues to get worse over time. There is no radiographic evidence that a child with a “flexible” flatfoot outgrows this condition. You and I know it, but unfortunately, the rest of the world is told to ignore this condition as it is a normal variant. The scientific evidence that has been accumulating over the past many decades refutes this myth. This webinar will explore the myths of pediatric flatfeet, the evidence of auto-correction will be analyzed, and most importantly when and why early intervention should be recommended over a watch-and-wait. We look forward to your participation.

*Not available in the EU for patients under the age of 18.

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