Back Pain

The result of a misaligned foot could mean a misaligned back

Back Pain and The Foot Connection

Lets take a look and figure out why more than 1 in 7 adults suffer with back pain

There are many reasons for chronic back pain. Back pain is a symptom, a warning signal that something is wrong. So what's wrong? And why have the other
treatments failed. Take a look at your feet. We’ve all experienced that uncomfortable ache in the lower or upper back from time to time. Back pain is relatively common and can be caused by a variety of scenarios—sleeping the wrong way, sitting at a poorly configured work space all day, or just plain old aging— but while back pain is common and there are many reasons why we may experience it, it shouldn’t be constant. Many times, we attribute back pain to “being on my feet for too long” or “not wearing the right shoes”, but our bodies are naturally designed to withstand being on our feet for extended periods of time. While we’re not suggesting you perform 8 hours of manual labor in heels, we are suggesting that there may be an underlying reason to back pain—talotarsal displacement, or misaligned feet.

How does the spine become misaligned? How can we fix it?

We have to look to the foundation of our body. The ankle bone (talus) should normally sit on top of the heel bone (calcaneus). When the talus is properly aligned on the calcaneus, then the foot is aligned. The foundation to the body is altered when the ankle bone partially dislocates on the heel bone.


It seems like it should be important to stabilize the foundation of our body. Putting an arch support under your foot may temporarily help with the symptoms, but it wont fix the problem. When most treatments don’t work or are too aggressive, what else can be done? Think EOTTS – HyProCure. HyProCure has been safely and effectively in thousands of pediatric and adult patients since 2004. HyProCure is the only extra-osseous talotarsal stabilization device that works with the normal bio-mechanics unlike other devices that work against the normal function and often lead to failure of the device. EOTTS is an internal correction for an internal problem.

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