Bunions are usually a symptom and are caused by an underlying bone deformity

Everyone's foot structure is somewhat different.

Some are more stable, whereas others are weaker and the bones become misaligned.

Bunions are sometimes genetic and consist of certain tendons, ligaments, and supportive structures of the first metatarsal that are positioned differently. This bio-mechanical anomaly may be caused by a variety of conditions intrinsic to the structure of the foot – such as flat feet, excessive flexibility of ligaments, abnormal bone structure, and certain neurological conditions.


The first metatarsal must line up with the big toes; it must also have a good, solid foundation. When the metatarsal bone does not have a stable foundation, the first metatarsal bone pushes away from the second metatarsal bone. The ligaments that attach to the inner side of the first metatarsal head are stretching and pulling on the bone


The sooner treatment is provided, the better chance of success. The longer a patient waits for treatment the could lessen available treatment options. In order to help the bunion we have to realign and stabilize the ankle bone.  When most treatments don’t work or are too aggressive, what else can be done? Think EOTTS – HyProCure. HyProCure has been safely and effectively in thousands of pediatric and adult patients since 2004. HyProCure is the only extra-osseous talotarsal stabilization device that works with the normal bio-mechanics unlike other devices that work against the normal function and often lead to failure of the device. EOTTS is an internal correction for an internal problem.

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