Knee Pain

Knee Pain and The Foot Connection

15,000,000 people a year visit an orthopedic surgeon for a complaint about knee pain.

Why is it that this condition just gets worse and the number of bad knees are escalating?

If we don't look at the cause, we are just masking the symptoms. The #1 reason for knee pain is wear and tear due to unequal distribution of forces acting on the ligaments, meniscus, and articular cartilage. Due to excessive twisting, the ligaments and tendons are damaged leading to further instability and destruction within the knee.

How Do We End Up With Faulty Knee Mechanics?

The answer lies at the  bottom of the musculoskeletal chain. If the hindfoot is aligned, then most likely our knees will also be properly aligned.  The ankle bone moves on top of the heel bone. The movement of the leg bones is affected by the motion of the ankle bone. If the talus slips off the calcaneus , this drops the inner aspect of  the tibia.


A dynamic displacement of the ankle on the heel bone creates a mechanical disadvantage that directly impacts the knees. Putting an arch support under your foot may temporarily help with the symptoms, but it wont fix the problem. When most treatments don’t work or are too aggressive, what else can be done? Think EOTTS – HyProCure. HyProCure has been safely and effectively in thousands of pediatric and adult patients since 2004. HyProCure is the only extra-osseous talotarsal stabilization device that works with the normal bio-mechanics unlike other devices that work against the normal function and often lead to failure of the device. EOTTS is an internal correction for an internal problem.

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